Night Vision Goggles AN-PVS 7B/DEP

Prijs: Vanaf € 3.700,- incl. BTW

Night Vision Goggles AN-PVS 7B
Night Vision Goggles AN-PVS 7B/DEP
GSCI PVS7 Photonis Dep0 € 3700,- incl. BTW
XD-4 Photonis (DEP) € 6850,- incl. BTW
XR-5 Auto-gating Photonis ( DEP) € 7950,- incl. BTW


The PVS 7B nightgoggles with a 3rd generation intensifier tube is a military super device, with a lightgain of more than 50.000 times in a infrared reach from 900 till 930 Nm. Different batteries can be put in, both lithium 3 volt or AA-penlite 1,5 volt. The PVS 7B is waterproof, has a built-in IR-illuminator for spaces without any light. As option there are lenses with 2 and 3 time magnifaction.

We can deliver the PVS 7b with the Dutch Photonis (DEP) super Tubes

Intensifier Tube 3e Gen.
Detection range ca. 300-500 mtr.
Recognition range ca. 100-300 mtr.
Magnification standard 1 x (option 2 & 3 x )
Resolution 64 lp/mm
Diopter Settings +5 / -5
Gain > 50.000 x
Batteries 1 x 3Volt Lithium or 2 x AA Penlite
Lifetime ca. 20 hours.
Weight 680 Gram complete.