IWT 640 MICRO, 's Werelds kleinste warmtebeeldkijker

's Werelds kleinste warmtebeeldkijker. Neem contact op voor meer informatie.


IWT 640 MICRO is the smallest thermal
image device you have ever seen, with
unrivaled weight and dimensions benefits.

Brief description

This ultra compact handheld device is unparalleled in weight and dimensions and consists of a thermal core with 640x480 pixel resolution, a high end computer, an OLED display of 800x600 pixel resolution. The 2.4 GHz radio interface to transmit pictures, graphic and text information can be provided as an option.
The device dimensions are 87.2 mm in length, 44.5 mm in width, and 28 mm in height.
Its weight is max. 100 g. The state-of-art components and ingenious solutions are used in the micro thermal imaging device.

Distinctive features

  • Significantly smaller dimensions in comparison with existing analogues
  • It is highly competitive with “standard” size thermal imaging devices in surveillance and identification solutions
  • State-of-art components and unique solutions are used
  • Fine parameter adjustment: contrast, colour, detail enhancement, AGC algorithm
  • Wireless control, transmission of pictures, graphical and text information via 2.4 GHz radio interface (optional)
  • Convenient zoom: x2, x4, x8
  • It fits comfortably into a patch pocket

Optional capabilities

IWT 640 MICRO hand-free mounting bracket

The micro thermal imaging device is intended for comfortable detection, observation, and identifi cation of endothermic objects.
This ultra small-sized device opens up new opportunities for:

  • Fire fighting divisions
  • Rescue teams
  • Special forces

A special hand-free mounting bracket was designed for IWT 640 MICRO — a lightweight front mount (“in front of an eye”) with active headphones.

Basic specifications

Thermal core Resolution 640x480
  Pixel pitch 17 μm
  Frame rate 9 Hz
  Sensitivity 50 mK
  Spectral band 7.5 – 13.5 μm
  Digital zoom x2, x4, x8
  Focal length 19 mm, manual adjustment
  Field of view angle 32° x 26°
  Colour pallets Yes, 12 modes
  Distance of human object detection 640 m
  Human identification distance 160 m
Colour OLED display Resolution 800x600 (full size)
  Diagonal 0.5”
  Eye relief 25 mm
Optional features Radio interface 2.4 GHz Yes
  Front mount Yes
Physical parameters Casing protection rate IP66
  Dimensions 87.2x44.5x28 mm
  Weight 120 g maximum (including batteries)
  Operating temperature range from -40°C up to +65°C

Operation manual

The thermal imaging device has the following control elements:

IWT 640 MICRO Operation manual

Install the CR123A battery before the use of the device or replace it if discharged.
In order to do this, undo the SCREW as the below picture indicates, remove the protecting cover, and install the battery. Batteries must be inserted correctly with respect to their polarity.

IWT 640 MICRO Battery installation
  • In order to switch on the device, press and hold BUTTON 1 (ON/OFF CALIBRATION) within 2-3 seconds until the screen starts up.
  • The thermal core needs to be calibrated after switching on or when necessary (nonuniform image illumination). For this, shut the lens, press BUTTON 1 (ON/ OFF CALIBRATION), and then remove the cover cap.
  • Adjust the lens focus by turning the lens of the device for a clear and sharp image, if necessary.
  • There is a battery charge indicator and a charge level in percentage terms in the bottom right corner of the display (average one battery operating time is 2 hours).
  • In order to switch off the device, press and hold BUTTON 1 (ON/OFF CALIBRATION) during 2-3 seconds until the display is off.
  • In order to zoom an image, press BUTTON 3 (ZOOM). Every time you touch the button the zoom changes cyclically as x2 – x4 – x8 – x1.
  • In order to view the menu, press and hold BUTTON 2 (MENU) during 2 seconds.
    Use the following buttons for navigation: 1 – DOWN, 2 – SELECT/RETURN TO MAIN MENU, 3 – UP. In order to exit the menu, press and hold BUTTON 2 during 2 seconds.
Menu item Value range Default
DispBright (display brightness) From 0 up to 100%, step 5 70%
DispContr (Display Contrast) From 0 up to 100%, step 5 65%
Contrast (the contrast of the
microbolometer. It’s applicable
only for the Auto Bright AGC
From 0 up to 100%, step 5 10%
Palette (colour palette of an image) WhiteHot, BlackHot, Fusion,
Rainbow, Globow, Ironbow2, Sepia,
Colorl, Icefi re, Rain, RedHot,
DDE From 0 up to 100%, step 5 30%
Preset (preset of parameters.
It’s applicable only for the
Plateau hist AGC algorithm)
Default, Low Scene Contrast,
Outdoors, Indoors, Face Detection
AGC Auto Bright, Plateau hist Auto Bright
Reset (resetting to the factory
default settings)

Pressing the menu button switches the modes of the device cyclically:

  • DAY

Each mode has its own preset settings of the device, which boot automatically:

DispBright 75 75 75 75 75 75
DispContr 50 50 50 50 50 50
Contrast 5 5 5 5 5 5
Palette WhiteHot WhiteHot WhiteHot WhiteHot WhiteHot WhiteHot
DDE 20 20 20 20 20 20
Preset Indoors Outdoors Default Low
Face Detection Default
AGC Plateau hist Plateau hist Auto Bright Plateau hist Plateau hist Plateau hist
Timer On On On On On On

All parameters are stored in non-volatile memory of the device and remain unchanged after the power is off.