Dedal D-541 Frontsniper

Prijs vanaf € 4500 incl. BTW

Dedal Frontsniper 540
Dedal Frontsniper 540
Gen II super   € 4500,- incl. BTW
Photonis (DEP) 0   € 5400,- incl. BTW
XD-4 Photonis (DEP) € 6100,- incl. BTW
XR-5 Auto-gating Photonis ( DEP) € 7500,- incl. BTW
Dep 0 ONYX Photonis € 5900,- incl. BTW
XD-4 ONYX Photonis € 7200,- incl. BTW
XR-5 ONYX Photonis € 8200,- incl. BTW

A new system to mount on the front side from the riflescope.
There is no lost of light or eyedistance, and you can use your normal focus and magnification from your riflescope.
there is no limit in reticle, even a dot can be used together with this Front sniper.
Longe range of vision (450-700 m)
Internal lit red reticle MIL-DOT with adjustable brightness
Shockproof with the use of heavy recoil (incl. .375 H&H, .416 Rigby,)
Automatic brightness control
High quality especially night optics
Protection of the device against excess of a general level of light exposure
Long eye relief and High quality of the image on all field of the screen
Built-in high-power (75mW) hazard-free IR illuminator with adjustable power
Water resistance
PLEASE PAY ATTENTION : When you have a Blaser gun with a low riflemount, then there might be problems to fit the adapter on the scope because there in not enough space between the scope and gunbarrel. The minimum space you need is 0,5cm or more for a proper fit, also the standard riflesight/keep on the barrel maybe removed when the D-540 Frontsniper hits it.

When you are not sure about this, please call us for more information.