Dedal 480

Prijs vanaf € 4500

Dedal 480
Dedal 480
Gen II super   € 4500,-
Photonis (DEP) 0   € 5400,-
XD-4 Photonis (DEP) € 6400,-
XR-5 Auto-gating Photonis ( DEP) € 7800,-
Dep 0 ONYX Photonis € 5900,-
XD-4 ONYX Photonis € 7400,-
XR-5 ONYX Photonis € 8600,-

Longe range of vision (450-700 m)
Internal lit red reticle MIL-DOT with adjustable brightness
Shockproof with the use of heavy recoil (incl. .375 H&H, .416 Rigby, .50 cal.)
Automatic brightness control
High quality especially night optics
Protection of the device against excess of a general level of light exposure
Protection of the image from lateral and dot light sources (XD4 AG/XR5 AG)
Long eye relief and High quality of the image on all field of the screen
Maintains rifle's zero at adjustment of focus
Built-in high-power (75mW) hazard-free IR illuminator with adjustable power
Precision internal windate/elevation adiustment (1 cl = 10mm / 100m)
Water resistance
Various mount
XD4/XR5 Tubes will be delivered with original factory Data Sheet

Technical characteristics
Magnification x 4.0 : 6.1
Fiels of view deg 10 : 8
Objective 100mm F/1.5 : 165mmF/2.0
Eye relief distance mm45
Diopter setting D+3,-4
Dimensions mm280x89x79 : 370x91x91
Weight kg0.83 : 1.1
Power supply battery of a type AA2 pc.
Free voltage 3volt
Battery life hmin. 60
Image intens. tube
Type II+, DEP0,XD4,XR5.
Photosensitivity µA/Lm 200 - 1600*
Gain 35000 - 50000*
Resolution lp/mm36-64*
Conditions of the work
Operating temperature -40°C to+50°C
Relative humidity % to 98

* see data PDF of chosen tube!!